Tilt and turn windows – unlimited space

The attic is a unique place in the house. Using the innovative tilt and turn roof windows, you can significantly increase the functionality of the attic. Opening the wing, we open additional space in the attic and unrestricted view outside.

FAKRO FPP-V roof window preSelect is a new-generation tilt and turn window with two separate opening functions. The tilting function allows you to leave the sash in any position from 0 ° to 35 °. Swing open wing creates additional space in the attic, allows a free approach to the edge of the open window and provides an unrestricted view of the outside.

The rotating function is designed for cleaning the outer side of the glass, installing the awning and assembling the sash. The innovative hardware system guarantees only the selected opening method. The second function is automatically blocked. You can open the wing knowing that only the selected function will be started.

In the preSelect roof window, there is no situation in which the wing will be blocked or “obstructed”. When the preSelect window is opened, full stability of the sash is guaranteed, both in tilt and rotary function. This ensures safety of use and high durability of the window.

The window is opened using a handle with a two-stage micro-louvre located in the lower part of the window, and the change of the opening method allows a convenient and functional preSelect switch located halfway up the frame. It is available after opening the sash.

The FPP-V preSelect roof window has been equipped with an automatic air inlet V40P, which provides the optimum amount of fresh air in the room and saves thermal energy. The applied window reinforcement system topSafe significantly increases the window resistance to burglary. The preSelect window is made in the FAKRO universal system, which means that with the use of sealing flanges we can use them in almost every roofing.

You can install standard interior and exterior accessories for the preSelect roof window, which not only decorate the interior but also allow you to control the light and heat in the attic. The preSelect tilt and turn window is technically advanced solutions that guarantee comfort of use and make the flat in the attic a real pleasure.