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On our blog you will find a lot of texts about positioning. The following article is a summary – a constantly updated guide that will allow you to quickly find answers to bothering questions.

When you come up with the idea that you want to deal with the positioning of pages yourself, you may have thousands of questions in your head or you may also see … emptiness. Does not matter. You need knowledge, answers, something that will help you make a crazy idea, become a reality, and your site will be in the top positions in the search results.
Where to start? How? With what tools? What is worth knowing to self-optimize your website and what to avoid?
These are just some of the questions that may come to you and people who start their adventure with SEO. However, what is important is also the fact that you do not know where to start …
And what if in one place you can find knowledge that will help you take your first independent steps?

With what to eat website positioning? – guide
To make this task easier for you, we’ve been publishing articles for a while that address various issues related to this topic. The following article is an updated summary from time to time, in which you can find links to specific texts. It is therefore a kind of mini-guide or a tutorial on the positioning of websites. Do you want to learn more? Go one by one!

Let’s start with the theory
You should start your adventure with SEO first of all by getting to know the basic concepts, i.e. … let’s start from the beginning. In order for everything to have your arms and legs at the beginning you should know what is the positioning of websites, what is characteristic of it, how it differs from paid ads and what animals you need to learn in order to work effectively in SEO. If you want to know the answers to these questions, read the article: Web positioning. Knowing what positioning is now, you can go to what SEO consists of. In one of our articles we described the 10 most important elements of positioning. By the way, how do you know whether to choose PPC ads or invest in SEO? It all depends on your preferences. Both cases are described in our article: Positioning or Adwords – what to choose?

Every website owner at some point asks himself questions that can help him in optimizing his website. We have placed an article on the blog in which we present seven basic positioning questions.

After reading this article, you will start to think about the fact that you may know what positioning is, but how do you get the phrases to which you will optimize your website? We also know the answer to this. How to choose them? We advise in the article How to choose keywords? What can help us work when choosing keywords? For sure the tools that were created for this. What? We write about it in the article: Keywords – 11 tools that support keyword research.

How many keywords to choose? We have developed this topic in the text: Positioning 5, 10, 20 phrases – how many should I choose? The number is not everything, but shape is also important. You will learn from the text about the so-called long tail, what kind of form your keywords can take and which will be the most appropriate, where we illustrated using the infographics what a longtail SEO is.

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