Dress for the Mother of the Bride, dress for the Mother of the Groom

The Mother of the Bride and the Mother of the Groom is an important person at the wedding, if not the most important, of course, of course, the Bride and Groom. We receive congratulations from guests, receive thanks from the bride and groom and take an honorable place at the table.

In a way, the wedding party is also their holiday in a sense. Considering the above circumstances – the Bride’s Mother and Mother of the Groom must look perfect. Feeling confident, feminine and elegant. This mother always gives us confidence, so on this important day she should feel confident enough and not feel embarrassed to be able to add strength on this day. Choosing the right creation will certainly be one of those things that will add confidence. Mommy should look sophisticated and mature. What a dress for the Mother of the Bride, dress for the Mother of the Groom. First of all, let’s start with what we should avoid:

What color will be suitable for the dress for the Mother of the Bride / dresses for the groom?

In view of the fact that it is a joyous ceremony – the wedding of your own child we have a choice of a full color palette to choose from. Starting with beige dresses, through reds, fuchsias, cornflowers, pomegranates, purples and grays. Depending on the temperament, we can choose bold, strong colors or more subdued, pastel and powdery colors.

What length?

The best dresses will be midi length or long dresses – which always look elegant and elegant. We recommend chiffon dresses – because they look the best, and their way of laying on the body always masks possible imperfections of the body. When it comes to wedding fashion, the maxi length is invariably fashionable in any season.

Midi dress for the Mother of the Groom, midi dress for the Mother of the Bride, dress for the Mother of the Bride, dress for the Mother of the Groom

What cut?
Below we will present a few styles suitable for the dress for May Bride and Mother of the Young Lord:

Princeska – invariably fashionable and “safe” in its cut. This is a straight cut with a pencil cut of the skirt. This cut is suitable for women of all ages. In this type of dress the length is important – obligatory for the knee. Princeski usually do not have arms, so it is good to choose the right bolero or jacket. Due to its simplicity, the princeska with the wrong choice of color, pattern or accessories can unfortunately be another boring wedding dress !!!

Flared – Dresses are flared with dresses that perfectly hide imperfections of the body, unfortunately their cut sometimes only fits younger Moms. With such dresses well look at the fit of the top – a well-made fit beautifully highlights the waist and slims. Such dresses are best presented with thicker fabrics or typically loose chiffons in dresses sewn from the circle.

tailor-made dress – a suits a conservative outfit for the Mother of the Bride and Mother of the Groom. A classic costume does not have to be a boring costume. It can be in an interesting color and cut. In addition, we can enrich it with additions. However, let’s avoid the classic business typefaces. A two-piece suit with a belt at the waist will be a good choice.

evening dress photoEvening dresses https://matterhorn-wholesale.com/evening_dresses_dresses_k-121.htm – Mother of the Bride or Mother of the Groom can put on an evening dress. Such dresses look best when sewn from a larger amount of fabric. So that they arranged nicely downstairs. It is good to have a chiffon or other airy fabric that gives it a unique lightness and is an extremely elegant fabric. To nicely emphasize the waist and optically slim the long dresses should have an underlined waist.

Tulle dresses – this is a very fashionable type of dresses. In such dresses you need to pay attention primarily to the length – should be longer, and the layers of tulle. Tulle dresses can thicken and therefore it is important that they are not exaggerated, especially for older people – it can not be a typical tulle dress “ala ballet dancer”.

What fabric for dresses for the Mother of the Bride and Mother of the Groom?

Dresses should be made of high quality fabrics, because only such dresses guarantee us good laying on the body, resistance to creases and pains and injuries. Such a dress must look good not only in the church, but also in dance. We recommend chiffons, tulles, taffeta and satins (this season more matt), memory fabrics (ie resistant to creases). For Ladies in Plus size, we recommend chiffons and matte fabrics, which after proper sewing will perfectly mask the imperfections. In this case, glossy taffeta or shiny satins will be inadvisable.

Dresses decorated or classic?

The choice of a more or less ornamented dress depends on the character of the Bride and Mother of the Bride and the nature of the wedding.