Classic slimming corsets are usually fastened with a typical corset fastener professionally called BUSK (this fastening is made of several large corset hooks attached to 2 steel slats) or with a zipper, commonly referred to as “ZIP”. Locks in corsets are a relatively new solution, only specially tested models are used, which are adapted to very high voltages – in addition, on the sides they are reinforced with spiral whalebone.

Corset flattens the stomach immediately after putting on, straightens the back and smoothes the sides. A real well-cut corset covers the body very tightly, it is not allowed to curl, roll, stand or move. After lacing it, nei has the right to shake all the time, unlike any panties or belts that squeeze (horror, every woman who has tried at least once knows how she can stress such slimming underwear). A well-chosen size and cut of the corset will never let us down, cause you problems or put you in an uncomfortable situation. We offer corsets in 12 sizes so you can choose the size very precisely.

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Is the Corset Diet – Waist Training in a Corset or is it healthy? What do Hollywood doctors say? Below is Video material from the BBC news site

Using a classic laced corset as a slimming technique may seem like a relic of past centuries, but tight corsets are back at a crazy pace. American stars successively began to reveal that the quick return to the perfect figure from before pregnancy was due to the corset diet (waist training with the help of a corset). Jessica Alba revealed it first. When she bragged about the quick correction of the waist after pregnancy with a real corset with steel underwires, she seemed to rave something. But it didn’t take long before the next stars also admitted that they were using exactly the same method. All of America is crazy about this method, thousands of women today use a corset diet to correct the waist as soon as possible after delivery.

Dr. Alexander Sinclair, a practitioner in Beverly Hills, told reporters of ABC News that a very large number of his patients use a corset diet, in which one of the main ingredients is to regularly wear a tightly bound corset for several hours. He claims that most patients have lost their waist even above 15 cm wearing a corset from 3-5 hours a day, while they work even 12 hours. Dr Sinclair corsets are probably some extreme experience – the corsets we offer are not intended for such a big sacrifice. Our maxim: We listen to our body – we do nothing that our beloved body will not want to accept.

Tight Lacing – not only dislocates the ribs, says Dr. Sinclair, but abdominal pressure makes you go away for gluttony and patients eat less. That’s right, the whole philosophy of corsetting is more complex. The effect is not achieved only by pressing the ribs and muscles. The corset makes us work on ourselves comprehensively. Wearing a steel structure does not allow us to forget about working on ourselves and about the right diet. Wearing a corset, we completely change our eating habits, we often eat in tiny portions, studies confirm that this is the most beneficial form of nutrition for human metabolism. We can forget about gluttony – it won’t work in a corset. After 21 days, the human mind codes a new habit. We begin to treat such a healthy form of nutrition as a necessity.

The corset also makes us move more distinguishably, the back is straight, the chin is raised, the neck is straight, the whole figure uses it, the spine will be grateful to us forever. Subconsciously, this attitude gives us a lot of confidence. At the same time, we are perceived completely differently (positively) by the environment. All you have to do is stand in front of the mirror, straighten your figure up and raise your neck. Do we look different? – How are you?

It is also worth attaching a few simple exercises to the waist. such exercises are usually not very effortless, and examples are multiplied on websites devoted to form. says DR Sinclair, whose patient Diane Gonzales uses a corset to reduce her waist from 66 cm to 58 cm

The lady hopes that wearing a corset will allow her to achieve a narrow beautiful waist like a Barbie doll. Unfortunately, Dr. Alexander also notes that a corset diet can have negative effects if patients cross borders and go too far. Some are so happy that they start treating corsets like a race, crossing health limits wanting to reduce more and more. Precisely because of this behavior – here begins the discussion of medics, is wearing a corset healthy? Like any new theory, it is first ridiculed, then attacked, and only later accepted by Dr. Mao Labbty from New York.

Corsets worn in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries were sewn from simple blunt components, it combined with the inhuman force that women were squeezed caused damage to health and organs.

Today, corsets are of a completely different quality, have different cuts than the Victorian era corsetry, modern fabrics and thinner, slightly elastic underwires give a completely different quality and comfort of wearing. Women’s awareness is also different. Do not save on the corset, low quality can cause poor effect and great discomfort – waist trainers store

Ladies using a corset diet know that you need to ensure adequate hydration, regular eating of small portions, and above all, you should listen to your body and gradually accustom the body to strong pressure. In the corset diet, corsets are worn only a few hours a day (we start from wearing a corset for 2-3 hours) as opposed to practices from the 17th century. In addition, it is good when you additionally perform a few simple exercises for the waist regularly.

Unfortunately, the strong and neatly cut corset was until now only a luxury item, the purchase of a real corset cost not less than 1000-1500 PLN. The fashion for wearing corsets has grown to such an extent that the market has responded. Experienced specialists in corset design decided to create mass collections also available to women from outside the world of Hollywood. They calculated that the mass production of professional corsets will keep costs lower, reduce production time, enable the purchase of proper fabrics at a lower price, thanks to which the corsets will also be available for women with a slightly less wealthy portfolio.